You Should Be Watching: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver’s HBO hit show is both consistently funny and informative.

One fun thing I plan to do from time to time, is offer up a suggestion of something that I personally think you should be watching.  And by “you” I mean ALL of “you.”

To kick things off, I offer up one of the best shows on TV right now: the consistently funny and thought-provoking Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

There really isn’t a show on the air right now that manages to both entertain and inform, week in and week out. Each week, John Oliver updates the world (via both his HBO show, and the incredibly viral segments later posted online) on events from across the globe, from international news regarding a country few people have ever heard of, to biting commentary on the most famous domestic stories currently happening.

Even that paragraph completely sells the show short, as Oliver has shown himself adept at balancing both ratings-boosting topics like current political climate or the military actions of Russia and North Korea, with lesser known topics like net neutrality and standardized testing. His ability to make all of these topics both relatable and entertaining has shown how creative the show really is.

If you want to just get a quick taste of the show’s brilliance, check out any number of their segments available through the Last Week Tonight YouTube Channel. For instance, one of my personal favorites, Oliver’s takedown of FIFA and the World Cup:

If you’re not watching yet, do yourself a favor and start now. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sundays at 11:oopm ET on HBO, or anytime through the HBOGO app or On-Demand with HBONow.

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